Four Years of Modi Government: An Assessment – Part I

Good Morning

Saurabh Shah

Exactly four years ago, India’s golden age began. Throughout these 4×365 days, there hasn’t been a single instance to doubt Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s actions, his intentions, his policies, his politics. We are amongst the generation who have witnessed live on TV on 26th May 2014 at 6:10 pm, the oath taking ceremony of our 15th Prime Minister. All of us have cheered him and many of us have cried with joy.

I don’t understand why some people cringe when it is said that India is passing through its golden era. One can understand that anti nationals are bound to spit venom at Modi. It’s their business. Modi has made them jobless. Their job was to loot the country. Look at Rahul, look at Mayawati, Akhilesh, Uddhav etc. They are robbed of their business of looting the nation. Those who cannot run their own political party are day dreaming of running the nation by coming together.

The powerless opposition leaders are fighting against each other like street dogs. Think of the scenario when they will have a roti of power to share. How fiercely they would fight for a bigger share. Communist gang of Yechuri and Company would also join in their opportunistic Gathbandhan. Or shall we say it’s Thugbandhan? These thugs of Hindostan want to remove Modi and take the country back to the 19th century.

But there’s a vast difference between their ambitions and their capacity, their aukat, their haisiyat. For decades, there was no credible alternative to Congress. That’s why they would rule and loot the country. Now that we have found their alternative in Modi, we should conserve, preserve and retain it. Someone had forwarded a message on WhatsApp: Even a shopkeeper would keep his laborer happy if he is working hard and retain him at any cost. We have found a Pradhan-Sevak, who is working hard, with noble intentions and working selflessly for 18 hour a day. This majdoor works more than any of us in this country. And doesn’t crave to earn for himself or his family. He earns for the nation. And still there are some people in this country who do not know how to behave with the Pradhan-Sevak. Their behavior towards PM and their abusive language reveals their background, their true self.

All the markets are facing downward trends, there is no business, nobody buys anything because of cash crunch, India is passing through a great depression – have you heard these? I have been hearing it on daily basis since May 26th 2014. And to add an element of credibility, they would fantasize some figures and quote it. In a way, they are right. Demonetization and GST have stopped all their kaala dhandas. Those who were paying taxes only on 10% of their total income are bound to feel the heat. They have lied to the income tax department, they have fleeced the nation, they have betrayed all of us. They are the people who still oppose notebandi and GST.

The fact is nation has become happier and those who were unhappy are less unhappy now. Ask your maid servants at your home. They are less unhappy. They have got Rs. 2 lakh from Pradhanmantri Aavas Yojana to build their own home. A maid working for our family got this amount and added her savings plus took some loans and now she has booked a house at her native place near Lonavala. If your maid servant is not happy, help her in preparing documentation for such government schemes.

Everywhere people are doing brisk business. Factory owners don’t get the laborers easily. Everyone is working. Nobody is sitting at home (except Rahul Gandhi). Everybody has started earning handsome money according to his capacity (except yours faithfully). Markets are full of products, manufacturing is in full swing because firstly, there’s a huge demand. Secondly, there’s hardly any labor trouble and lastly, the governmental hindrances like octroy-excise-sales tax etc. are the things of past. The teething trouble of GST is reducing due to quick actions taken by the finance ministry during last 10 months. The process is going to be simplified further. This has been given to Infosys and soon it will be showing results, Nandan Nilekani has assured during a recent interview with me.

Those who were having nightmares after notebandi have accepted the reality now. Previously they were spending the black money, the un-tax-paid money lavishly. Now they have to curtail their extravagant expenses.

Yes, some people who were bruised badly during demonetization do feel that there’s a great economic depression in India. Previously when their kids would ask for one note of Rs. 500 to go to coffee shop, they would handover him/her two notes of Rs. 1000 saying, ‘Beta, don’t take your girlfriend/boyfriend to a CCD, take him/her to a Starbucks.’

Today when the kids ask for money to go to a coffee shop, the same parent give them a note of Rs. 100 and tell them to go to an Udipi restaurant to have a filter coffee and handover the change to mom.

Those who had bundles of 1000 and 500 rupee notes stashed in their cupboards on which they paid zero tax were pampering their kids from the money which belonged to government. They had to stop these irresponsible expenses after the demonetization. And rightly so, for them, Modi is a bad uncle. These are the people who go on saying that Modi may not get reelected in 2019. They want Modi not to get majority in 2019. In fact, they want Maha-Thugbandhan to come to power so that they can take revenge on Modi who snatched their kid’s Starbucks coffee.

Every day you read about the government’s failure on rising petrol prices. I am not an expert on the international crude oil prices, neither am I an economist. But I know that during 2009-10, I was buying petrol at around Rs. 50 per liter. You can google to know the price of petrol in May 2014 when the Congress government was kicked out. And you must be knowing today’s petrol price in India. How much is the increase? Then why are we constantly criticizing the Modi government? If sarkar is buying it at a lesser price due to fall in the international crude price and not passing the advantage to us, where does the money go? Does it go into pockets of Jaitley or Amit bhai? The money is spent in repaying the huge international loans created by economist PM’s government. They money is spent in building house for your maid servants. Do you have any problem with that?

There’s peace in the country. There are much fewer murders and violent incidents than the previous era, except Kerala and West Bengal. Unemployment has NOT increased. Job opportunities have increased. The reach of education and its level have multiplied. Don’t believe in the figures of zolawalas of the NGOs. Most of their NGOs were locked within the first six months of the Modi-raj. The goons of these NGOs were left without any foreign funding due to Modi’s honest policies. Even Congress stopped them paying money because their own coffers started drying up. These NGO people and their cronies are experts in creating fake statistics and misguiding you. They were slashed in one shot by Modi. Now they don’t have any work because they don’t have any qualification. They can’t get job anywhere. Unemployment has increased amongst these people.

The world is astonished. India, which was a ‘third world’ country and a poor, struggling ‘developing nation’ is now amongst the super powers of the world. This magic is created within 4 years. The top leaders are eager to be in the good books of Modi and India. Suddenly their visits to India have increased and their invitations to India’s PM have doubled. Indian PM has started leading them in international forums. This has become possible due to one person. And that person is the target of Pappu’s daily Twitter bakwas.

There is still one full year to go. Modi has some more cards, some more aces kept to his chest. The whole nation is waiting with bated breath to know which card he is going to play after notebandi and GST. People are betting in the satta-bazar whether Modi will get three fourth majority in 2019. And will Congress be reduced from double digits to single digit in 2019. The maverick called Pappu is going to fulfil their objective.

Happy Anniversary to all of us and many many happy returns of the day!

26th May 2018


  1. ખૂબ ખૂબ અભિનંદન…..
    બહુ સચોટ લખાણ હોય છે તમારૂ….. વિષયોનું વૈવિધ્ય અને એમની તલસ્પર્શી છણાવટ….એકદમ ઉમદા.
    આ સાથે તમારી દેશભક્તિ અને દેશભક્તિને કારણે મોદીભક્તિ …જે અમારા જેવા લાખો વાંચકોને જોડીને રાખવામાં સક્ષમ છે.
    ૨૬/૦૫/૨૦૧૪ ને દિવસે શપથવિધિ વખતે ઘણા લોકોની આંખોમાં હર્ષાશ્રુ હતાં…. એમાં ની એક હું પણ હતી….અને એ જ આવેગમાં મેં
    મારા મનની મોદીજી પ્રત્યેની લાગણી આલેખવાની કોશિશ કરી હતી.
    એ કોશિશ આ મોદી ભક્તો સાથે વહેંચવાની હિમ્મત કરૂં છું…..

    શ્રી નરેન્દ્ર મોદીજી…….,

    તમારા નામને સાર્થક કરનાર;
    નરોમાં ઇન્દ્ર તમે,
    રાજનીતિના કૂટનીતિ રૂપી;
    કાદવમાં ખીલેલું ”કમળ” તમે,
    બહારથી સખત, અંદરથી નરમ;
    પૂજનીય એવું શ્રીફળ તમે,
    પશ્ચિમી સંસ્કારોથી અભડાયેલ સમાજમાં;
    આધુનિક ટેકનોલોજી અને ભારતીય સંસ્કૃતિના સંગમ તમે,
    ભટકી ગયેલાઓના પથદર્શક;
    કરોડો યુવાનોની આશા તમે,
    દેશવાસીઓના હૃદયસમ્રાટ
    જનનીના દૂલારા તમે,
    સુશાસન અને વિકાસના પ્રણેતા;
    ભારતમાતાના ખરા સપૂત તમે,
    આર્ષદ્રષ્ટા અને દેશના શિલ્પકાર;
    દુશ્મનોના પડકાર તમે,
    સર્વેને આયોજનના સૂત્રે બાંધનાર;
    નિષ્ઠાવાન કર્મઠ કર્મયોગી તમે,
    તમારા નામને સાર્થક કરનાર;
    નરોમાં ઇન્દ્ર તમે……….

    –સોનલ કાંટાવાળા.

  2. Yes Sir, excellent way you have described, the real truth of our Nation and it’s our duty to spread the news and I take oath for the same.

  3. Very appreciated effort by all modi team , congratulations for them a lot wishes , heartbroken four years for currept

    • Wonderful.
      Well Said.
      Pappu & Co.are getting “NERVOUS”because their
      “KARMA” is catching up with them.Its just my Opinon.Thanks.


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